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Electric Nail Clipper

Electric Nail Clipper

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  • For Baby Use:

    Very fine grinding head: for 0~3 months old baby

    Fine grinding head: for 4~11 months old baby

    Rough grinding head: for over 12 months old baby or toddlers

  • For Adult Use:
    Soft polishing head: used for polishing nails and removing methyl dead skin
    Metal grinding head: used for grinding the dead skin and calluses around nails
    Cylindrical grinding head: used for grinding the edges of the nail

  • Operation steps:

    1. If the baby’s nails are long, scissors to remove a little.

    2. According to the age of the baby, choosing the corresponding grinding head.

    3. Connect the grinding head and the interface.

    4. Gently hold the baby’s hand, choose the appropriate speed.

    How to clean:

    1. When the host is dirt, it can’t be washed with water, but you can use a wet soft towel or soft cloth to wipe.

    2. Please do not use acetone, gasoline and corrosive products to clean.


    1. Before storage, remove the battery.

    2. Store in a dry place.

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